Easy Share Account

The Easy Share Account is a savings account designed for members’ who wish to plan their saving for anticipated expenditures to help budget their home expenses.

There is no credit facility available on this account.

Shares can be withdrawn on demand, irrespective of a member’s outstanding liability to the credit union including contingent liability.

Shares in this account will not be taken into consideration as part of the loan application assessment of the main account or entitlement to the ‘Funeral Assistance’ benefit.  The shares in the ‘Easy Shares’ account are completely separate.

There is no minimum amount required in the ‘Easy Shares’ account to avail of service.

The Easy Share Account can hold a maximum of £10,000 in shares at any time.

The aggregate amount of all savings are taken into account to determine compliance with the statutory share maximum which an individual member may hold in the credit union which currently is £20,000.

This account is a sub account off the member’s main credit union account named ‘Easy’.

If a member closes their main account the provision of the ‘Easy Shares’ service will cease.

There is no need to complete new membership documents however, for control purposes the member will complete a standard form requesting the facility in the loans/new member office.