GR8 Savers Week 2017

Posted on: April 29th, 2017 by Susan McConville


Lurgan Credit Union, together with credit unions across the island, will this week celebrate National Credit Union GR8 Savers week.  The initiative, which runs from the 8th – 14th of May, aims to help young people to develop a smart relationship with money and highlights the importance of developing a savings habit.  Lurgan credit union is also underlying the important role that parents can play in assisting children to develop smart money habits.

This year, the theme of GR8 Savers Week is to encourage children to watch their savings grow with Gerry the Giraffe. Children will learn that their savings may start off small, but by adding onto it little by little, it will result in a large amount before they even know it! Much like watering a seed and watching it sprout into a great flower!

The benefits of supporting and encouraging our young savers are both immediate and long term.  In the short term, children will develop strong savings habits, learn how to make smart purchases and learn why they can’t immediately get everything they want.  In the long term, we can help them avoid getting into debt.  By teaching the value of savings for the future, we can put them on the road to financial security.

Lurgan Credit Union also run a primary schools savings scheme.  We visit several of the local schools every week to encourage students to save.

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