History: Present

Steadily throughout the 1980’s the levels of membership, loans issued and shares lodged increased annually and by our 25th year in operation, there were 9,202 members, with a total share balance of £ 3,762,000.

So with annual membership increases it was decided in 1994 that our premises at 14 North Street simply were not sufficient enough to sustain the growth in membership. The decision was once again made to move, many locations were considered and 40 Church Place, Lurgan was chosen. So in 1996 where we found ourselves back at the building where we started back in 1963. This time however we did not have the two rooms as previously, we took over the whole building and renovated it. We had found ourselves a building that not only allowed us to provide the standard of service that our members deserve but we also found a building which reflects our standing in Lurgan as an important financial institution.

In our present standing we employ over 20 people, each doing a number of jobs from the cashiers on the counter to the loans officer, foreign exchange cashiers and direct debit cashiers. Staff provide members with a high standard of service. At the head of the staff is our team of experienced officers: –

  • CEO – Fiona Clarke
  • Senior Officer – Susan McConville
  • Senior Officer – Bernadette McGeown
  • Senior Officer – Janette Lennon

All of whom ensure that Lurgan Credit Union Limited operates smoothly.

Throughout the years we have developed and expanded to provide this wide array of services:

  • Direct Debit – Pay into your CU account directly from your bank
  • Fast Transaction Lodging – Lodge cheques and cash without queuing
  • Paypoint – Pay for electric, TV license, phone top-ups, etc
  • Social Welfare payments – Store child benefit, ESA, etc

For more information on our services, visit our services section here.

At present we have 24,198 members with our members loans standing at £25,355,497 and our members shares at £61,163,157.