Social Security Payments – FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take for my benefit to be paid into my Lurgan Credit Union account?

This will depend on the administration time of the social benefits office

Can I have more than 1 benefit paid into my Lurgan Credit Union account?

Yes you can have as many benefits as you like paid into your account

Do I need to keep a minimum amount in my social account to keep it active?

No you can withdraw your balance down to zero and it will still be active

When will I receive my benefit if it is due on a day that Lurgan Credit Union is closed?

Your benefit will be lodged to your account on the last opening day before the office is closed

Is there a charge for this service?

No this service is free to members

Can I have my benefit paid into another persons Credit Union Account?

No the benefit must be paid into your account but can be manually transferred into a 3rd party account in the office

Can I lodge money into my Lurgan Credit Union social account?

No we can only accept an automatic transfer from the benefit office

For further information on Social Security Benefits contact:

Sharon Cassidy (or Danielle Harbinson / Melissa Wells in her absence):-

028 3832 5016 and select option 4

Or via email: –